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Aging & Psychiatric Disorder Group


Recent Publications

  • Kirchhoff F, Debarbieux F, Kronland-Martinet C, Cojocaru GR, Popa-Wagner A (2012) Combined two-photon laser-scanning microscopy and spectral microCT X-ray imaging to characterize the cellular signature and evolution of microstroke foci. Rom J Morphol Embryol. 53(3 Suppl): 671-675.
  • Buga AM, Scholz C, Kumar S, Herndon JG, Alexandru D, Cojocaru GR, Dandekar T, Popa-Wagner A (2012) Identification of new therapeutic targets by genome-wide analysis of gene expression in the ipsilateral cortex of aged rats after stroke. PLoS ONE 7: e50985.
  • Di Napoli M, Godoy DA, Campi V, Masotti L, Smith CJ, Jones AR, Hopkins SL, Slevin M, Papa F, Mogoanta L, Pirici D, Popa-Wagner A (2012) C-Reactive Protein After Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Time-course, Tissue Localization and Prognosis. Neurology, 79:660-699.
  • Buga AM, Vintilescu R, Balseanu AT, Pop OT, Streba C, Toescu A, Popa-Wagner A (2012) Repeated PTZ treatment at 25-day intervals leads to a highly efficient accumulation of doublecortin in the dorsal hippocampus of rats. PLoS ONE, 7:e39302.
  • Joseph C, Buga AM, Vintilescu R, Balseanu AT, Moldovan M, Junker H, Walker L, Lotze M, Popa-Wagner A (2012) Prolonged gaseous hypothermia prevents the upregulation of phagocytosis-specific protein Annexin 1 and causes low-amplitude EEG activity in the aged rat brain after cerebral ischemia. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 32:1632-1642.
  • Loubinoux I, Kronenberg G, Endres M, Schumann-Bard P, Freret T, Filipkowski RK, Kaczmarek L, Popa-Wagner A (2012) Poststroke depression: mechanisms, translation and therapy. J Cell Mol Med. 16:1961-1969.
  • Popa-Wagner A, Buga AM, Turner RC, Rosen CL, Toescu E (2012) Cerebrovascular disorders: role of aging. J Aging Res. 128-146.
  • Di Napoli M, Elkind MS, Godoy DA, Singh P, Papa F, Popa-Wagner A (2011) Role of C-reactive protein in cerebrovascular disease: a critical review. Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther 9:1565-1584.
  • Pluta R, Jolkkonen J, Cuzzocrea S, Pedata F, Cechetto D, Popa-Wagner A (2011) Cognitive Impairment with Vascular Impairment and Degeneration. Curr Neurovasc Res. 8:342-350.
  • Anghel A, Taranu G, Seclaman E, Rata A, Tamas L, Moldovan H, Ursoniu S, Samoila C, Ionac M, Popa-Wagner A (2011) Efficiency and safety of vascular endothelial and hepatocyte growth factors gene therapy in patients with critical limb ischemia. Curr. Neurovasc. Res. 8:183-189
  • Di Napoli M, Godoy DA, Campi V, Del Valle M, Piñero G, Mirofsky M, Popa-Wagner A, Masotti L, Papa F, Rabinstein AA (2011) C-reactive protein level measurement improves mortality prediction when added to the spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage score. Stroke 42:1230-1236.
  • Buga AM, Vintilescu R, Pop OT, Popa–Wagner A (2011) Brain Aging and Regeneration after Injuries: an Organismal approach. Aging and Disease 2: 64-79.
  • Popa-Wagner A, Buga AM, Kokaia Z (2011) Perturbed Cellular Response to Brain Injury During Aging. Aging Research Reviews 10:71-79.
  • Popa-Wagner A, Pirici D, Petcu EP, Mogoanta A, Buga AM, Rosen CL, Leon R, Huber JD (2010) Pathophysiology of the Vascular Wall and its Relevance for Cerebrovascular Disorders in Aged Rodents. Curr. Neurovasc. Res. 7: 251-267.
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  • Carapancea M, Alexandru O, Fetea AS, Dragutescu L, Castro J, Georgescu A, Popa-Wagner A, Bäcklund ML, Lewensohn R, Dricu A (2009) Growth factor receptors signaling in glioblastoma cells: therapeutic implications. J Neurooncol. 92:137-147.
  • Petcu EB, Kocher T, Kuhr A, Buga AM, Herndon JG, Kessler A, Popa-Wagner A (2008) Mild systemic inflammation has a neuroprotective effect after stroke in rats. Current Neurovascular Research, 5: 214-222.
  • Baltromejus F, Vintilescu R, Balseanu AT, Buga AM, Grisk O, Walker LC, Kessler C, Popa-Wagner A (2008) Long-term hypothermia reduces infarct volume in aged rats after focal ischemia. Neurosci. Letters 438:180–185.
  • Buga AM, Sascau M, Herndon JG, Kessler K, Popa-Wagner A (2008) The genomic response of the contralateral cortex to stroke is diminished in the aged rats. J. Cell. Mol. Med. 12: 2731-2753.
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    Acta Neuropathol. (Berlin) 113:277-293.

Book chapters

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